Hotel Boscolo Aleph Luxury (5*)

Provocative luxury Hotel, created at the whim of architect Adam D. Tihany: the Five Star Boscolo Aleph is in the centre of Rome, 100 meters from Via Veneto, and is unusual in style. It’s the meeting and clashing of two primordial concepts turned on their heads. On the lower floors, Paradise: a spectacular SPA offers the same idleness which the Romans enjoyed and enables you to take care of yourself in surroundings of unsurpassed elegance. On the upper floors, Hell: the bright red lights up the public areas and is even found on the restaurant doors. In the wine bar, on the terrace, in the SPA, in the luxury rooms: at the Five Star Boscolo Aleph you can savor a luxury which is anything but conventional. The senses run riot, meeting new and unforgettable instincts.

Rooms: The original style is to be found in the details as well, which here at the five Star Hotel Boscolo Aleph you cannot help noticing. Guests are welcomed in the 96 luxury rooms – of which, 33 are Deluxe, 4 Junior Suite and 2 Executive Suite – by a wholly Italian design dating from the thirties and forties. Large black and white prints of work produced by New York street photographer Bram Tihany are on the walls, portraying daily life in Rome. The details are wonderful, surprising and wholly unconventional, such as the Murano Liberty glassware and the Deco furnishing.
You can also choose to admire the poetic suggestiveness of Rome from a Jacuzzi under a starry sky, in the private terrace of the Suite.
Restaurant & Bar: Take an aperitif in the Angelo luxury Lounge Bar Angelo and you find yourself surrounded by white geometry, like a cloud in a fiery sky. In the five Star Sin Restaurant everything is red and keeps the palate expectant while you are waiting to enjoy the ‘Boscolo Food Experience’, homage to Italian cuisine, which gives you sensations you absolutely have to discover. The architect Adam D. Tihany took his cue from the sixth circle of Dante’s Inferno, that for the greedy, when creating this voluptuous setting with refined shapes and a sexy style. The suggestive atmosphere of the top-floor terrace offers the possibility of enjoying Roman evenings, when tasting an aperitif or an excellent dinner or whiling away the time after dinner.

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