Gladiator for one day

If you want to become a Gladiator for a day and you'd like to relive the emotions of two thousand years ago, come to visit Gladiator School and enter into HISTORY.
Lessons take place at the Gladiator School of Rome, located on the ancient Appian Way

• Visit to the Historical Museum
• Put on traditional gladiator dress (tunic, belt, leather protective glove)
• Take your rudis (training sword)
• Learn the basic techniques of gladiatorial sword fighting
• Get your certificate of Roman citizenship
What’s included: Gladiator course includes a visit to the Historical Museum - teaching of the Roman legionary, divided into two sections: military (Legionnaires, Praetorians and gladiators) and civilian, and a subsequent training to gladiatura (which includes the use of a rudis, the wooden sword) in which are taught techniques of attack and defense used during the fighting gladiators.
After each participant is issued a certificate of Roman citizenship.
Available: On request
Starting at: On request
Duration: 2 hours (approx.)
Person: Min 1 person
Price per person: Pricing based on the number of persons in your group
The age of the children must be 7 years or older. 


Please contact us at E-mail: or Toll Free: 1-888-813-4450 | CST 2066114-40 | Credits