Sicily is magical and dream-like, a timeless environment where the world is renewed at each peach tinted sunrise. The warm, rich colours of Sicily are those of earth, sea and sky, ochres, silver shines, cobalt blues, deep roses, poppy reds and sunflower yellows.

The feel of the countryside and its way of life are an ancient alliance between man, soil, beast and nature. When the rest of Europe is in the grip of sleet and snow, fog and ice, spring comes to Sicily. Century old olive trees, gnarled into Salvador Dali shapes, reveal a delicate canopy of pale pink and white blossoms.

With a history during which Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Tunisians, Normans, French and Spanish occupations have all left their mark, Sicily has a culture and atmosphere that are subtly different from those of “il continente”, as mainland Italy is called here.

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