Apulia is famous for its unforgettable landscapes and seabeds. Sea cities unveil their hidden charm with alleys and mansions. Here, nightlife, cultural events, art and food act as background for one of the most beautiful and clean sea stretches in Italy. Tourist harbors, landing places and mooring points allow to spend your holidays on board.

A simple glimpse could never be enough to leave a deep impression in your memory of a land so rich and evocative. From the mysterious Gargano grottoes to the sun soaked meadows of Tavoliere.

One itinerary could never be enough to discover the sweet scented olive groves and vineyards, to meander amidst almond and cherry trees and then arrive in the Salento peninsula. A century could never be enough to tell the tale of people and civilizations that have crossed this land. It just takes a moment to make you feel at home in Apulia.

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