Wine & Typical Products Tasting

The territory of the province of Venice is very fortunate to enjoy such a wondrous location. Whether you are a wine novice or an experience connoisseur, a wine tour is an excellent choice in discovering the true essence of the region. The wines that you will savor and enjoy during your tasting are the very heart and soul of the area.
If you have a love of Wine and Food or simply interested in visiting the gorgeous regions of the North, a tour is an excellent way to experience all the flavors of Italy. You will sample some of the best wines and gastronomic delights produced. Sampling treats such as Amarone, Grappa Prosecco, risottos, cheeses, hams and salamis, to name just a few. Let us not forget the scenery, why the vineyards, Dolomiti Mountains, countryside farms, historical lakes and castles all await your arrival. What better way to spend a carefree day in Italy?

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