Our History

Love for the Italian culture

Coming from the world of hotel hospitality, Giuseppe Aloi has cultivated his love for the discovery of the Italian culture since he was a boy. During his first experiences in Sicily, he started to propose appealing itineraries of the island to his enthusiastic guests.

Over the years, Giuseppe learned about the wonders all Italy had to offer also because of his family, whose roots laid in various parts of the country: Venice, Sicily, Calabria and Tuscany.

Thanks to his curiosity and passion about the American culture, Giuseppe made California his second home. Here he forged strong bonds with the locals, who fell in love with his stories about the Italian lifestyle.

1999, Southern Italy Tours

Here, together with his Californian friends, in 1999 he founded the Company Southern Italy Tours, whose mission was to accompany Americans to discover the beauty of Southern Italy, at the time still mostly unexplored by American tourists.

From the very beginning, Southern Italy Tours offered very innovative services for that time, such as the toll free for assistance 24/7 (still active) and the Concierge service that his guests used to further personalize their trips by calling a dedicated Specialist while in Italy.

2005, SIT Italy

When American Travel Agents started to request itineraries that included other popular destinations in Northern and Central Italy, such as Florence, Rome, and Venice, the company expanded its reach.

New partnerships with reliable local suppliers began, the team of travel designers expanded, the Company’s expertise grew significantly. This is how in 2005 Southern Italy Tours became SIT Italy.

SIT Travel Group

SIT Italy immediately increased its global network with various players in the tourism industry, who appreciated the high quality of the services, the flexibility of the team and the efficiency of the local suppliers selected by the company.

A growth that led to the launch of new projects, the expansion of services offered and new challenges in other business sectors. As a result of this growth, SIT Italy became SIT Travel Group Inc., chaired by Patricia Newbill.

2018, SIT Platinum

In 2018, the Company launched a new brand, SIT Platinum whose mission was to interpret the concept of luxury travel by organizing leisure, corporate and incentive travels and events, away from the crowds, and with a special focus on capturing the most authentic essence of Italy and its cultural nuances.


2019, 20th year in business.

SIT Travel Group celebrated its 20th year in business.
This great achievement was the result of its Specialists’ high level of professionalism and their qualified experience.

2020, SIT Wedding & Events

In 2020, the Company introduced SIT Weddings and Events, an event house of wedding and event planners who always place meticulous attention in the organization of weddings and private events and in the selection of their suppliers and venues.

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Love for the Italian Culture

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