Italy is an unparalleled playground for adventure seekers, art aficionados and curious gastronomes. From exploring art museums and UNESCO world heritage sites to cooking classes held by Michelin-starred chefs and supercar driving, SIT Italy meticulously crafts amazing itineraries that share Italy’s culture, history, culinary delights, landscapes and hidden gems.


Let us wow you in unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime adventures and exclusive travel experiences like a vineyard retreat with expert sommeliers, behind-the scenes with heritage artisans and private tours of lesser-known architectural wonders and art galleries accompanied by art historians who illuminate with their amazing stories. Italy’s cultural heritage is only bested by its incredible nature. Let’s hike across prehistoric landscapes, explore hidden coves and secluded grottos of the Amalfi Coast, traverse the slopes of Mount Etna with a volcanologist, and meander ancient temples.

With a blend of luxury, authenticity, and personalized service, these adventures offer an intimate perspective on Italy’s rich cultural tapestry.  Join us for a truly extraordinary exploration of this captivating country.


From the tranquility of the countryside and the allure of the coast to the charm of its towns and gorgeous chaos of its cities, Italy is an open invitation to exhilarating experiences that celebrate the country’s storied dolce vita.

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